Road Congress Topics

In our country, as well as in the region, investments in the area of ​​road infrastructure are under way. The size of the investment cycle in the road infrastructure that takes place in Republic of North Macedonia is over 1 billion euros, expressed, through the construction of two highways, several express roads and several regional roads.

Therefore, it becomes clear that the construction of these roads, as well as their management and maintenance of the existing road network for sure, is an extremely complex engineering-economic task.This extremely responsible task, set before the present generation of civil engineers requires quality planning, design and construction, based on the latest scientific and technical knowledge, using modern materials and technologies, as well as proper control.Simply, these requirements, impose and define the topics of the First Macedonian Road Congress.


Topics of the upcoming First Macedonian Road Congress are the following:

  • Planning and designing
  • Management, construction, and maintenance
  • Road traffic safety
  • Protecting the environment and sustainable development
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Transport policy and financing
  • ITS and new technologies in traffic
  • Free and related topics in the field of roads and presentation of new projects

We invite all off the domestic and foreign experts to take an active part in the First Macedonian Road Congress, in which they will bring out their scientific and expert knowledge on the given topics.

Selected papers from The First Macedonian Road Congress, will be presented in Scientific – professional journal “Roads”